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About US

"Our Work Motto is Be Polite, Be at Service"

Working in Delhi and its adjoining states, Shivalik House Keeping Services is a group of professionals, well verse with there field, with having ample experience in providing services of House Keeping, Sanitation & Security Services to Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations, In our working, we aim to keep the management of the appointing organization free from the day to day problems of cleanliness, pilferage, thefts and safety of the properties. To be a faithful service providing agency, we emphasize on Discipline, Sincerity, Regularity, and Attendance & Punctuality in our work.

Service from the core of heart

To keep the environment Neat, Clean & Cozy, our efficient work force includes well Uniformed Housemen, Polite Attendants, Stiff & Sharp Security Guards and Efficient Supervisors, all well trained in their respective fields that are always ready to provide the best of the services.

Best of the Equipments for a Better Service

For the utmost satisfaction of our clients on one hand we are equipped with products of popular brands which are most modern & hi-tech equipments like Vaccum Cleaners, Scrubbing Machines, and Carpet Shampoo Machines etc. On the other hand, we use high quality sanitary items of reputed brand for cleaning and sanitary purposes.

Low rates is our Policy

With no compromise in providing the best of the service, we keep our rates comparatively low that too with suitability to satutory requirements of Minimum Wages Act. ESI, Provident Fund, Leave, Uniform etc.